Our top tips on how to rock the Pyjama Trend

   And it came a time in our lives that we are forced to slow down. I bet we never saw this coming, having to be home for such long periods and totally different from our busy lifestyles. Many of us have also paid less attention to our stay at home clothes and instead recycled old shirts and boxy slacks for sitting around at home…this has directly affected our moods and attitudes about being home to a large extent. However many of us also do not have separate budgets for these things or ever thought we would be needing them as a matter of necessity.

This welcomes the idea of our stay at home campaign drawn from the ethos of our brand: understated pieces with forever appeal.

Making versatile clothes that transcend seasons and easy to style are absolutely our thing.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you would agree that the pyjama trend is here to stay and has been with us for two full seasons. Different brands have rolled out their own designs and fashionistas around the world have hopped on it and shown us so many ever so stylish ways to rock this trend. We have put together our top tips for rocking this outside the house and after this pandemic that has kept a lot of us staying home and even working from home. we also project that when things get back to normal, life through fashion will also ease its way up and therefore…easy wear would take centre stage in fashion for a long time.

1. A pyjama look needs height for it to be flattering; thereby allowing the pant hem fall around your ankles showing off an unexpected feminine softness. Strappy sandals are ideal.

2. You can wear them as separates, mix and match them with other pieces from your wardrobe e.g.- the top with jeans or structured pants, sleeves ruched up and the pants with a t-shirt.

3. silk fabrics or fabrics with silky effect are more polished looks for this style. it would be really difficult to do the trend in a cotton pyjamas if you get what I mean. you don’t want to look like you rolled right out of bed in a rumpled cotton set.

4. choose prints that are vibrant or bold which are ordinarily not seen on sleepwear designs.

5.  Accessorize with either a clutch or a purse with long handle. More statement pieces on the arms, neck and ears also help to say that I am not sleep walking but making a precise fashion statement.