Truly…we must appreciate Rona!!!

Many of us have never had the time to really appreciate what really matters. I know we have heard all the funniest and strangest things about staying home and what it has done to many relationships both good and bad.

There’s actually much more to life as the little pleasures that we must incorporate into our daily lives for a truly joyous moments. Today I would like to pick out some really simple everyday things that help me carry on….from a simple elegant loungewear like our SAH Lounge set; this helps me float through my very limited daily routines around house and feeling deliriouslying good too.

2. I like to relish in refreshing teas, i don’t stick to a flavour I am quite adventurous with them. The art of infusing the teas, watching the water go cloudy and colour changes are quite soothing. It helps to truly live in a moment.

3. If you know me you would know that I live for the spa life. Before the stay home order I love to spa hop and see what’s on the offering in different places and cultures but now I just enjoy an invigorating Dead Sea face mask once a week.

4. Another thing i like to do is wear colourful and mood boosting clothes like our Vikki Caftan, an ultimate throw on dress, simple and elegant. It almost feels like throwing on a fresh tshirt except that is flowy. I really love it for its neck detail, it gives me that oomph making me feel like i can make it through another day in same perimeter…LOL.

5. I love to sleep in clean beddings, preferably white ones. It makes me feel like I am in a 5 star hotel on vacation everyday and accented with lovely scented candles around my home.

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