One thing I learned by myself while working in the corporate world was that if you wanted to be heard….”you had to dress for it” 

I used to be such a tomboy, I never took my looks very seriously, but knowing what I know now, I changed the way I wanted to be addressed and that was an absolute game changer!

when I began to pay more attention to my looks, incorporated key pieces to my looks and began to be intentional about my appearance, I noticed how I immediately gained the respect of my colleagues, got the attention of my bosses and in fact everyone wanted to hear what I had to say.

Apart from the fact that I began to be taken more seriously, it gave me a good kick, knowing that I looked great and presentable and at least that was one less thing to worry about and then I gained more confidence and focused more on my work and my delivery. There is something about knowing that there are eyes on you and you not failing…it pushes you to do more; makes you powerful and beautiful.

We know that many of us are functioning in ghost mode lately, things are not quite what it used to be and just a simple piece as our  fire top can add that immediate energy and sass into your looks, helping you to ace your virtual meetings and similar new normal. 

Stay stylish by pairing this piece with everything from a basic pencil skirt, cigarette pants, palazzos, denim and even your Pj bottoms to get you through that meeting. (but I like to dress up fully; because it optimally boosts my confidence).